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Marvin Smith Bio

Marvin E. Smith, talent sourcing speaker, talentED sourcing, Sourcing 7

As a metrics-driven talent acquisition evangelist and practitioner, I focus on strategies for talent acquisition, talent sourcing, talent branding, and talent engagement that leverages tools, teams, and technology to maximize success for enterprise-wide initiatives. I am especially passionate about utilizing technology to put the human touch back into recruiting.

My contribution to talent acquisition includes pioneering work with talent communities; in strategic talent sourcing (the integration of talent intelligence, social data, and technology) and providing thought leadership in recruitment marketing.

My current role with a Fortune 50 organization (Lockheed Martin) focuses on HR technology (automated recruitment marketing), strategic talent sourcing and creating talent communities for key talent segments. Previously, I held positions in strategic talent sourcing, social recruiting & recruitment marketing program management with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Blackberry; and Microsoft.

Three  non-profits that I actively support are Sourcing 7, a talent sourcing educational community in Seattle, the Northwest Recruiters Association, an active part of the recruiting community in Seattle & Portland,  and the CandE’s, the Talent Board’s game-changing work with the Candidate Experience (currently serving on the CandE Bar)


  1. Josef David says:

    To identify , recruit, retain and development Top Talent is one of the most important skills during the next decade.
    I am especially interested in topics .
    What Leadership skills are required for transfering the ‘shark-bowl’ economy towards sustainable development?
    How to build up this specific leadership talent?
    Are women the better thought leaders?

    Marvin Smith is obviously one of the view genuine experts on that field. I would like to learn from his experiences .
    Looking forward to constructive discussions.

  2. Jacob Share says:

    Hi Marvin

    My name is Jacob Share. Over on my blog JobMob, we posted a list of the Top 100 Pinterest Boards for Job Search and your board ranked:


    What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments.

    Have a great day


    Jacob Share
    Job Search Expert and Creator of jobmob.co.il, EST. 2006

    • Marvin Smith says:

      Interesting–I really enjoy Pinterest and use it as a resource to save and share information. The JobMob ranking is a nice conformation that someone is reading and following the information that I am curating. Thanks for the recognition.

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