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 TalentED Sourcing is a blog about the craft of exploring, discovering, engaging, and nurturing targeted talent; what is commonly thought of as strategic talent sourcing in talent acquisition.  Our goal is to provide foundational education, training, and coaching about this key element of the recruiting process.

talented sourcing model

The TalentED Sourcing Model

The TalentED Sourcing Model takes into account that talent sourcing is both a science and an art.

In science a model is about an idea, concept, or even a processes or system that is used to better describe or communicate a subject; so it is with talent sourcing.  Think of the TalentED Sourcing Model as the reasons behind “why” we do something. The science aspect of talent sourcing allows us to reliably predict outcomes based on a process.

On the other hand, talent sourcing has artistic characteristics.  It is those artistic elements that make talent sourcing a “craft.”  The TalentED Sourcing Model also incorporates the “art” of “how” we execute the process by creatively using our skills, gifts, and abilities.



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The first step in the TalentED Sourcing Model is to explore the talent request in greater detail.  It is key to completely understand the job that is to be filled.  It is also important to understand the talent landscape—the size of the target pool, as well as, who they work for and where they are located geographically.  Finally, it is key to understand the target talent audience in terms of motivators, values, and preferences—the characteristics that will facilitate effective communication with them.  We explore the search in terms of:

The Talent Request

The Talent Landscape

The TalentED Sourcing Persona



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The second step in the TalentED Sourcing Model is to discover the specific talent that was outlined in the explore section.  First, we use a Roadmap to ensure that all the appropriate and applicable sites and resources are considered when identifying the target talent.  Next, the data (information) is segmented and aggregated for hygiene and quality,  Finally, a list of target talent is created that will be used to engage the talent that was discovered.  The discovery step breaks out into three phases:

TalentED Sourcing Roadmap

Data Segmentation & Aggregation

Target Talent List



engage image

The third step in the TalentED Sourcing Model is to engage the target talent list that was outlined in the discover section.  The Internet, Google, and the online social revolution have given rise to recruitment marketing with its outbound and inbound marketing components.  Outbound recruitment marketing focuses on automating and tracking job and talent brand advertising, while inbound recruitment marketing emphasizes different ways to engage the target talent.

The role of talent sourcing in inbound recruitment marketing is to leverage the target talent persona (step one) and the target talent list (step two) into an action plan to engage the target audience.  There are three aspects to engaging the target talent:

Talent Engagement Strategy

Talent Messaging

Talent Content



nurture image

The fourth step in the TalentED Sourcing Model is to nurture an ongoing relationship with the target talent.  What inbound marketing has taught us is that target talent audiences behave like consumers who purchase products; they are seeking a relationship with a brand.  And as consumers of our talent brand, our key talent segments are going to research, engage, and form opinions about us before they speak with us.

Talent sourcing can set up a trust-building relationship strategy that iteratively informs, educates, and deepens the connection to your brand.  The key components of the nurture step are:

Talent Pipeline

Iterative Engagement Strategy

Talent Content Messaging


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