10 Days to Happiness and Success

Take some time this week to read through my ten day program about how to have a more successful, happy career and life. The truths you will discover over the ten days, if you choose to read a lesson a day, are simple to explain and profoundly difficult to practice.

So, consider the pursuit of happiness and success in work and life – a journey. These practices will get you started on that journey.

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Nine Tech Companies We’d Be Surprised To Hear From In 2014

These tech companies made headlines in 2013. Here’s why they probably won’t next year.

The tech world trades in potential. Shiny new devices and services come with the promise to change things, make other things easier, and become a regular part of our lives. But for every company that succeeds in any of those goals, many more do not. Here are nine companies that had a lackluster 2013 that will most likely result in a very quiet 2014.

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The Top 11 Innovative Workplace Stories Of 2013

This year was all about turning traditional office models on their head–and occasionally, bringing them back to basics. Chairigami made headlines for its office furniture made completely out of cardboard, no assembly required. Meanwhile, Seattle’s Bullitt Center, dubbed the greenest office building the world, finally opened, and an office building in Tokyo began growing 200 species of fruit, rice and vegetables on its roof.

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4 Ways You’re Derailing Your Career

The worst kinds of career gaffes are those you do unintentionally. It’s easy to see why reaming out the boss or taking an unscheduled vacation might get you into hot water, but more subtle self-destructive behaviors can be just as damaging. Here are a few to watch out for.

1. You’re all business at the office

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5 Steps to Get Your 401(k) in Shape for 2014

Rebalance your 401(k) account and increase your deferrals.

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5 Must-Do Retirement and Tax Planning Tips

Do your 401(k) planning and tax planning before 2013 ends.

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7 Things You Should Expect From Your Leaders In 2014

Employees expect a lot from their leaders and when they don’t get what they expect they begin to lose trust and respect for their leader. As the workplace continues to transition from a knowledge to a wisdom-based environment, the requirements for great leadership are changing. For example, leaders must have greater emotional intelligence so they can connect more intuitively with their employees. They must become better listeners, opportunity enablers and exceptional coaches.

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