Tech Talk: Talent 42 2019

This is an outline of the roundtable discussion that occured at Talent 42 2019

Talent Engagement Model


The most effective method of connecting with target talent in the digital age is to use email. Studies by leading technical communities indicate that technical talent prefers to be contacted by email. Yet, it is not that simple as sending an email. Your email must compete with 120 other emails the targeted prospect receives that day.

Email is a “Numbers Game”

But do not make the mistake of treating your target prospects like a number. In the early days of the Internet, it seemed like a recruiting email strategy was based on not annoying our target audience. Once an email address was discovered, we were going to abuse the crap out of them until they apply for my job. Things changed. Today,

The “Numbers of Success”

Begin With Engagement In Mind

Hat tip to Stephen Covey and “begin with the end in mind.” To be effective at prospect engagement, it is important to follow a process that gathers the information required to be great at talent engagement.

Where in the world is the desired talent?
Who is the target talent and how can we contact them?
Its all about them, and a successful strategy follows that principle.

Successful Email Engagement Requires Great Subject Lines

Successful talent engagement is based on a thorough understanding of what makes your target audience tick. One approach is to use circumstances or occasions to get the audience’s attention.

Recruiting Email Do’s & Don’ts