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The Top 16 Responsible Business Stories Of 2013

Companies are competing more than ever for the best and brightest workers. This year, we’ve been seeing a growing recognition that this requires creating a better workplace that goes beyond traditional job perks.

The likes of Amazon, Google, and Bank of America are building elaborate offices and happiness tracking programs, while others are focusing on ways to help their employees spend more time out of the office.

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7 Reasons Stress & Well-Being Made Noise at Work in 2013

When Gallup announced 70% of the U.S. workforce was either disengaged or miserable in its 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, perhaps it was not an astounding revelation in a new world of work governed by uncertainty.

A Snapshot

Work overload, lack of career advancement, stagnant salaries, an increasing skills-gap and the complexity of a hi-tech global marketplace have all arguably played a roll in an underwhelmed and sometimes stressed-out workforce.

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Should You Go to Work Sick? Please Don’t!!!!

That dreaded F word is showing up in my Facebook feed. FLU! I got my vaccine a couple of months ago so hopefully I won’t get it but I know it’s still possible. I’ll be washing my hands a lot as a preventative measure and I hope that everyone else will do the same. Most of all I hope that those who are sick will stay at home. That’s the best way to keep from spreading the bug.

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3 Reasons Even The Busiest People In The World Should Take A Break

For many people, taking time off is a no-brainer. Company holidays? Paid vacation days? Turning off email? Please and thank you.

But for entrepreneurs and those working at small startups, there can be pressure to work constantly. Every vacation day is a day that work won’t get done—and there are always things that urgently need to get done.

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Most Productive People: Steve Yankovich

VP of innovation and new ventures, eBay

“In a lot of companies eBay’s size, there are a lot of people you’re compelled to get buy-in from. I try to create an environment where we don’t do that. One thing I do is use a venture-capital model to run [our] group. I say, ‘We all have the same goal: to make the firm worth more money. So let’s act like shareholders. I want each of you to enable one another to be successful.

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7 New Year’s Resolutions for a Stronger Career in 2014

Include these seven things on your career-planning to-do list for the new year.

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The Muse’s Favorite Jobs of the Year

Looking for a new gig? Or, just want to do some window shopping?

We know it’s not always easy to find great jobs. That’s why we created The Muse—a peek into some of the most inspiring places to work across the country. And each week, we’ll be bringing you a roundup of great jobs to apply for from those organizations.

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