Sourcecon 2011: Experiencing the Big Apple

As I jet across the USA, I am reflecting on Sourcecon in New York City. What struck me was how many new faces there were at the event. While it was great to continue conversations with alumni of past Sourcecon’s; there was also an opportunity to entertain new ideas. Shally Steckerl, as MC, set a nice tone around community and personalized his introductions in an impactful way. Amybeth Hale assembled a great array of speakers that shared their stories of sourcing endeavors; new ways to think about sourcing related topics; and some products and services that ranged from new platforms to products that in the wrong hands are absolutely frightening. The cuisine was amazing and the conversations were priceless. I am running out of battery life; more about Sourcecon to follow.

One comment

  1. Lessons learned.
    – spend more on your ‘comfort’ when choosing a hotel or, take a gamble with an Expedia special but only if you indicate 4 or 5 stars.
    – the best view of the city is often a view from outside th city
    – find the best restaurant in the neighborhood and go back once more
    -subways can be cool

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