I Am Still a PC

Yesterday was my last day at Microsoft. I was afforded a great opportunity to create and impact recruiting; an outcome that I did not anticipate when I joined the company five years ago. It was a humbling experience working with the best and the brightest; I was amazed by my colleagues. Amazed, not by just how smart everyone is; but by the quality of human beings they are and the values that are shared. We did some great work together that changed the face of recruiting not only at Microsoft for the recruiting industry globally.

And during that process, I became a big fan of Microsoft and its products and services. And the question has arisen; will I continue to be a fan of Microsoft?

Absolutely, I will continue to be a fan; there is a long term impact of the Microsoft Kool-Aid. For my MAC friends, I still prefer a PC. For my Google friends, I will continue to “Google It on Bing.” For my iPhone friends; I gave up my Blackberry when I joined Microsoft. And frankly, I missed my Blackberry.


  1. I cannot imagine recruiting at Microsoft without Marvin Smith!

    I felt the same way about the people when I was working there. So smart, so caring, so together.

    Best of luck to you Marvin!
    Cyndy Davis

  2. Marvin,
    I was fortunate to learn about your skills as a leader from having been involved with the Jobs2Web user group. I imagine you have big plans for the future and I hope to stay connected to your knowledge community wherever the future takes you. Thanks a million for all the information and your inclusive building of the HR/Recruiting community.

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